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  • Jason Hesley

France's Manigance Unveil "All Your Excesses" Off English Version of New Album "The Shadows Ball"

France's Manigance will be releasing an English version of their latest album "The Shadows Ball (Les Bal Des Ombres)" on February 24th, 2023 via Rockshots Records. The original francophone version was released on March 18, 2022.

Today, the band presents their next single "All Your Excesses", a song that denounces the behaviours and human activities that lead to the progressive and rapid destruction of our environment, our planet.

"All our excesses have serious consequences. It's our responsibility to change," says Carine Pinto (vocals/lyrics)

François Merle (guitar) adds:

"This is the most complicated piece in terms of rhythm. The bass/drums part is very precise and an acoustic guitar solo brings a Hispanic touch. The vocals on the chorus are particularly high and very metal."

Listen to "All Your Excesses" at the following links:

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