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  • Jason Hesley

Frail Body Share Music Video for New Single, “Devotion”

Illinois-based Frail Body embodies the spirit and soul of what many define as “screamo;” their songs are lamentations about nihilism, death, anxiety, existentialism and hopelessness of existence in modern American society, and both lyrically and sonically they unfurl with ground-shaking emotion.  Their forthcoming sophomore LP, Artificial Bouquet (March 29, 2024 via Deathwish Inc.), is a shining example that the once dormant sub-genre continues to evolve and thrive for all the world to see.

Their newest single, "Devotion" plays as a stunning ebb and flow epic that shows method to their musical chaos.  The song is about, " mother's undying christian faith and what it was like witnessing someone dying coming to terms that their religious beliefs weren’t going to save them from their fate," Lowell Shaffer (vocals, guitar) laments.  "I was raised christian and a lot of those beliefs have influenced and informed my decision making and world view to this day. I feel like I’ve followed along on those paths but eventually I began to have some questions about what that kind of faith looks like. Questions like, what if g-d’s plan includes a lot of suffering? Does g-d or whatever entity created matter and energy even understand suffering? People who meet and overcome obstacles often hone their character into humans fit to help and support other humans, therefore is suffering good? What if it is insurmountable, then is it cruel? And what if those stories inspire future generations to do better in the eventual goal of self sustaining human life? Does that equal some sort of universal karmic payoff? And why did my mother who was such a devoted and steadfast servant, get shouldered with decades of physical and emotional pain?"

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