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  • Jason Hesley

FRAGMENT SOUL Unveils Emotional and Evocative Video for "This Empty Dream"

FRAGMENT SOUL proudly presents an enthralling visual narrative to accompany their emotionally charged single, "This Empty Dream." This evocative track is part of their album, Galois Paradox, slated for re-release on February 23, 2024, through Wormholedeath.

"This Empty Dream" transcends conventional boundaries, delving into the depths of human longing to break free from the confinements of reality. The song resonates with a universal quest for authenticity and liberation, encapsulating the tumultuous journey toward self-discovery.

In this profoundly introspective and raw musical creation, FRAGMENT SOUL invites listeners into a world where emotions run deep, and the soulful resonance of their music weaves a narrative that transcends mere sound. "This Empty Dream" serves as a testament to the band's artistry and their innate ability to provoke contemplation while eliciting raw, visceral emotions.

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