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  • Jason Hesley

FOURTH DOMINION Release New Single, "Hill of Swords"

The newest single from Rochester, NY-based Deathwave band FOURTH DOMINION is now available on streaming platforms. "Hill of Swords" comes off the band's forthcoming new album, Diana's Day.

Bassist/vocalist Meadow Wyand comments on the song. “‘Hill of Swords’ was written in response to Kentaro Miura’s passing. It references the location in his dark fantasy masterwork Berserk, where the graves of the sacrificed are marked by swords instead of tombstones. As the song developed, it became an anthem for those we lost during the pandemic, as well as the invisible millions who suffer from chronic disabilities. Musically, I think it’s a poignant distillation of the styles synthesized on the record. The main harmony owes a debt to Iron Maiden, which is followed by Bad Religion riffing in the verses, and a layered John McGeoch-esque chorus. Dave’s solo and psychedelic tone during the bridge contain some of the best guitar work on the album.”

"Hill of Swords" is now available on streaming platforms. Listen at

Fiadh Productions will release Diana's Day on CD, cassette, vinyl, and digital formats on August 1. The album confronts themes of queerness, feminine magick, and existentialism, and is already drawing critical acclaim months ahead of the album's release.

Stream previously released FOURTH DOMINION music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Diana's Day Tracklist:

1) Bloodstains

2) Lilim

3) Burn the Prisons!

4) From Below

5) Goetia

6) Hill of Swords

7) Death in Fall

8) Tormenta Purgatoria

9) Her Wings

10) Casca Dreaming

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