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  • Jason Hesley

Trocar to release Four Forfeit Digits (industrial goregrind ft. members of Fluids)!

Mutating, mechanized goregrind act Trocar released their first demo, Four Forfeit Digits, on June 14th. The effort is free to stream and download now on Bandcamp.

Trocar features Jan Grotle and Walter Hale of Arizona avant gore darlings Fluids, along with @deathmetalradio enthusiast and researcher Schuler Benson. Trocar combines brash goregrind in the vein of Regurgitate and Dead Infection with the industrial death of Meathook Seed, Skin Chamber, and early Godflesh and Pitchshifter.

The band offers the following statement in support of their first release: Trocar sounds like a love letter to some of Relapse Records’ most seminal weirdos. It’s inspiring to look back at the label’s history and see so many disparate sounds working together in unison to create something memorable and vital. Hearing Relapse samplers with bands like Mortician and General Surgery appearing next to Dead World and Red Harvest really drove home for us the fact that extremity in metal is a spectrum. And as much as we love the traditional stuff on one end, the bizarre and unexpected bands at the other end were very inspiring, too. That mixture influenced acts like The Berzerker and more recently Realize, and that’s where we feel at home.

We’re currently at work on our debut full-length. The influences found on Four Forfeit Digits are further developed, melted down, and reassembled as something suspiciously familiar but wholly other from its extreme music forebears. We covered the Ministry classic “(Every Day Is) Halloween” for the demo as a way of gesturing toward where we’re headed while still blurring influences from industrial to d-beat through a goregrind lens.”

Track Listing

1. Grist

2. Orphaned Organs

3. Foreign Body Insult

4. (Every Day Is) Halloween

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