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  • Jason Hesley

Foregone's new single 'Unchained' out now!

More than just a band, Foregone is a conduit of storytelling. Their mission is clear: to create music they love and lyrics that tell real, emotionally resonant stories. Through their music, they aspire to connect with listeners on a profound level, offering solace and hope in tumultuous times. Their songs are a beacon, a testament to the enduring human spirit and the deeper connections that bind us all.

Foregone, with Devin Dorman, Randy Elswick, and Trevor Laake at its helm, is here to forge not just metal, but a spiritual resonance with the hearts and souls of all who listen.

Their journey is a testament to the power of music, creativity, and the belief that even in the darkest of times, there exists a path to the light. So, brace yourself for the electrifying storm of Foregone, where the music reverberates in your soul, and the spiritual resonance becomes unmistakable.


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