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  • Jason Hesley

FOLKRIM Unleashes Folk-Infused Metal Fury "Suoherran Hovi"; New Full-Length "Embers" Out April 2024!

Folkrim, emerging from the dark solitude of Finland's Western coast, has evolved from a one-man project to a fully formed folk-infused death metal band. Comprising drummer Eetu Ritakorpi, guitarists Iiro Sarman & Otto Hyvärinen, bassist Viktor Suominen, and frontman Erno Helander, Folkrim is ready to spread fear with their new full-length album, "Embers".

​"Embers" tells a twisted tale of descent, from a shipwreck through decaying marshlands to a grand epic of destruction. Songs like "Bottle of Poison" showcase a modern structure filled with violence and speed. Viktor Suominen describes the album as more grounded, sticking to a single theme, with a journey that gets progressively gloomy and dire. The band's sound has shifted towards less humppa/drinking songs and more towards melodic death and thrash.

Influenced by bands like Ensiferum, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Children of Bodom, and Nekrogoblikon, Folkrim's music blends folk metal with melodic death and black metal elements. "Embers" promises a unique musical journey, reflecting the band's evolution and commitment to their distinct sound. The future awaits, daring listeners to face the dangers along the way.

Today, FOLKRIM unleashes folk-infused metal fury with their latest single "Suoherran Hovi" accompanied by an electrifying video that can be seen above.

"What would a Folkrim version of a dingy swamp sound like? The answer comes in the form of SUOHERRAN HOVI, the second single to be released from our forthcoming album ”EMBERS”. Whereas the first single relied on speed to get its violent point across, this song approaches the problem from a different direction. The riffs are fat, chuggy, and groovy against a straight pounding of the drums. Dirty, almost jazzlike instrumentation and arrangement lays a twisted layer into the soup. And finally, a sprinkling of growls in the harsh Finnish language is set on top and the witch’s brew is complete." adds the band.

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