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FlowerLeaf announces their enchanting EP, "Dreamerie: The Prelude"

FlowerLeaf announces their enchanting EP, "Dreamerie: The Prelude," a journey into the realm of dreams, releasing on August 23, 2024, blending melodic, symphonic, and power metal to craft unique narratives and lush sonic landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of dreams with FlowerLeaf's upcoming EP, "Dreamerie: The Prelude." This Brazilian-German melodic metal band seamlessly blends Symphonic and Power Metal elements in a unique musical tapestry set for release on August 23, 2024.

"Dreamerie: The Prelude" serves as a mesmerizing introduction to their forthcoming full-length album, "Dreamerie," and explores the desires of the heart and the fears of the soul. The seven-track EP, inspired by timeless tales and literary classics, showcases the band's poetic lyricism and powerful instrumentation.

Each song unfolds a distinct story within the dream realm. From the captivating introductory track "A Dream Lullaby" to the grand finale "Pouring Rain," the EP is an ethereal journey through dreamy landscapes. It features fan-favorites "Fireflies," "The Sound of Time," and "The Storm," alongside new songs like "Look out the Window" and "Stargazers."

The band, featuring Vivs Takahashi, Marcelo Kaczorowsky, and Florian Mathes, collaborates with producer Raphael Gazal and vocal producer Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite, Exit Eden) to craft this captivating sonic journey. Prepare to embark on a unique musical adventure as FlowerLeaf's "Dreamerie: The Prelude" paves the way into the realm of dreams.

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