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  • Jason Hesley

Florida’s Thrash/Death Metal Band “RONWE” Pays Homage to 90’s Death Metal with Self-Titled Album!

Floridian extreme metal act RONWE released its self-titled LP via Music-Records today! The band makes its love for the traditional extreme metal clear with its self-titled album, using throwbacks to 90’s and 80’s extreme metal bands such as Celtic Frost, Kreator, and Exodus. What makes this record unique is the occasional use of synths and keyboard lines reminiscent of Rammstein, and symphonic metal-oriented piano lines. This approach creates a duality in sound as well as showing a glimpse of an alternate timeline in which the extreme metal genre could have evolved differently. The album as a whole consists of brilliantly written groovy thrash/death metal riffs one can’t help but bob their head to. Purchase “Ronwe” here:

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