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  • Jason Hesley

FLOATING to release "The Waves Have Teeth" on Nov. 11th!

Spirit Coffin Publishing is proud to the present "The Waves Have Teeth", the debut album by Swedish progressive death metal act FLOATING, on CD and MC format. The CD version will be released on November 11th, while the tape version will follow on December 16th. FLOATING was founded in 2021 by Arvid Sjödin and Andreas Hörmark, two Uppsala-based musicians who'd met in their formative years as members of death metal band Morbid Illusion. When their previous group called it quits, the two continued making music together in a variety of different constellations, venturing outside of heavy music with krautrock/synth rock project Träskfeber and their own synthpop/post-punk explorations on the side. As the urge to create to darker, heavier music returned FLOATING was birthed to explore the possibilities of merging deformed and dissonant death metal the old-school way with their newly bolstered post-punk sensibilities. The result was a band that in many ways is quite traditional, but also incorporates sounds and influences from completely different places outside of the metal world. Expect an entirely different sort of progressive metal, inspired to push boundaries with great admiration for the spirit of bands like Morbus Chron, Imperial Triumphant, Portal and Gold Spire. "The Waves Have Teeth" was essentially written in the order of appearance, a revelation which arrived one after another, an organic process for Sjödin and Hörmark. A dark, vintage feel was insisted upon, aiming for a sound in touch with older death metal (Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, Incantation) while still speaking to the same senses as the post-punk and goth rock bands that they love (The Cure, The Chameleons, Joy Division). This resulted in a record affected by the Swedish autumn, the rain, and the cold. During that time they drew inspiration from films such as Through a Glass Darkly, Persona and The Lighthouse creating the grim and barren themes, tone and aesthetic which shaped "The Waves Have Teeth" with those works fresh in mind. Naturally the music takes the listener to a place of loneliness, of isolation and dread, disgust and insanity. Of death in the archipelago, of islets drowned in excrements of cormorants. Of lighthouse keepers lost in the dark, breathing nothing but salt, hearing nothing but the waves slowly chewing their way up the cliffs.

The album was recorded in Uppsala at Sjödin and Hörmark's homes and also in Studio Siborator, the same studio where close friends Gold Spire recently wrote and recorded their debut album. Cover art and layout by Påhl Sundström. Tracklist:

1. The Seep 2. Gag 3. Pile of Birds 4. No Eyes 5. The Hill Will Know Him 6. The Floating Horror

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