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  • Jason Hesley

FLIDAIS Release New Single & Playthrough Video "Outbreak"

Progressive power metal outfit FLIDAIS are preparing to unveil their new album Pathogen on January 27th, 2023. The quartet have unleashed an epic single and playthrough video with "Outbreak", showcasing their distinctive heavy style with a bang. Watch the video HERE.

"Let's keep the tunes rolling with OUTBREAK! This one is a guitar/bass playthrough in the style of a music video, which makes this one even more enjoyable to watch. Check out these wicked riffs and wide variety of changes in this epic adventure of speed and slapping riffs!" - Flidais

FLIDAIS's origins are tracked back to Calvin and Josh playing together since they were teenagers until a fully formed a band line-up emerged around 2013, and they released their debut EP in 2016. 2020 saw the band re-established with a few line-up changes and now Pathogen marks the beginning of a new chapter.

About Pathogen:

The new concept album sees each song is based around a virus that turns out to be entirely in the mind. It starts out with obsession where motivation is running strong but eventually is overtaken by the virus, which then leads to an outbreak. Darkness is the manifestation of the virus which leads to another infection, which is followed by a calamity of the mind. It then leads to eradication where there is a connection to the spirit world where the infected is given another chance for redemption. Despair is when they are at an all time low then reprisal is the moment they decide to fight back and make things right.

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