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  • Jason Hesley

Fireproven released a new track about bullying – here is ‘The Maze’

Finnish progressive metal act Fireproven come out with another catchy track. The band’s last single ‘The Addict’ was released in December 2020 and is already their most listened song on Spotify.

The Maze’ is written by Fireproven’s drummer Nuutti Hannula. “The lyrics are based on my teenage years when I got bullied in school. I’ve dissembled the emotions I went through as a teenager, and where those experiences finally led me. Not all ugly incidents are bad, no matter how painful it might feel at the moment. Some things you’ll never forget and they stick with you through life, but the aspect is constantly changing. It’s important to see that each person is capable in extreme cruelty but in kindness, too.” says Hannula.

The song kicks off at full speed introducing both Juha Väätämöinen and Sanna Solanterä’s powerful vocals. Altogether ‘The Maze’ is catchy, fast and groovy.

Hannula continues: “When writing this song I combined old video game tunes with progressive metal and melodic death metal. In my opinion music should evoke various feelings in a listener. I’ve gained these experiences since the early Nintendo games.”

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