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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Where's My Bible released a new single and music video Creator of Abyss!

After a successful South American tour in October, Where’s My Bible will release the awaited second single “Creator of Abyss” from their upcoming album. With this release the band will show their darkest side so far. In addition to sinister death metal, the band brings elements of black metal to their sound to create this gorgeous song. WATCH Creator of Abyss music video: 


Starting their new era in 2022 by releasing concept EP "Circle", Where’s My Bible will continue with a distinctive sound that introduces new melodic elements - ancient instruments and Scandinavian mythology. With this sound they will continue thriving forward to the year 2024 and releasing their new album at the start of the year.


The new album will tell stories about the human mind through metaphors and tales from Scandinavian mythology, as the album’s first single “Fenrir” also did. In addition to these stories and compositions, the band will present more amazing music videos that bring the tales of the songs to life.LISTEN Creator of Abyss on streaming services:   Vocalist Jussi Matilainen Comments: "Creator of Abyss is a song that deviates thematically from the upcoming album's main theme. Of course, it still delves into the intricacies of the human mind, but the mood of the song strongly takes you to darker places.


The story is about a very serious disease that ravages a person and eventually takes its victim with it. It is a story about how this kind of illness not only exhausts the sick person, but also eats away at his loved ones mentally and even physically - how mental well-being is corrupted and suffering increases. In this song, we wanted to create this disease as a physical entity that only causes destruction around it and eats in abundance endlessly. 

Creator of Abyss is one of the darkest songs we've ever released and therefore fits perfectly with that story. It has been our intention for some time to write a song about such a topic and as soon as this song was composed, we knew that the two fit together seamlessly.


As before, I immediately got a certain vision of the music video and its story when I first heard the song. Over the years, we have formed such a perfect and tight-knit group that we were able to capture the vision and the story perfectly in the music video. This might even be the best music video in the history of Where's My Bible."

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