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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish-US Death Metal Hybrid EOUI Sign With Wormholedeath!

The groundbreaking Finnish-American death metal duo ERADICATION OF THE UNWORTHY INFANTS aka EOUI have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album "Change Is Good", which is set to be released on January the 14th , 2022 worldwide.  EOUI push beyond the genre’s traditional boundaries , their music is a perfect blend of earth-shattering riffs and distressing breakdowns for a new sound in the death metal scene, merging the sheer velocity of grind inspired riffs with the gut wrenching, abysmal groove that is brutal death metal.  Band statement: This album has been in the works for quite a few years. We played around with ideas and concepts but never really settled down and worked on it properly until the lockdown hit. As the world was heading towards armageddon it felt like the right time to finally just put these ideas together and make something out of it. Some of these ideas have been around for a while just waiting to be completed. In the height of the pandemic there started to be great political tensions too, and the raid on the Capitol was just mind boggling. We had to write about the current state of the world, and we had to put the pieces together and show everybody how we were gonna do it. This album really is something we’re proud of, and it is an honest reflection on the world through our eyes. When Wormholedeath reached out to us, it allowed us to access resources we wouldn’t have normally had, and we’re excited to see what is to happen with Wormholedeath in the near future.

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