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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish technical death metal band Raster Density releases their third album!

2008 founded Finnish technical death metal band Raster Density has played brutal technical death metal for almost 15 years. Their unique perspective to death metal is based on fierce blasting and complex guitar riffs that engage with delicate melodies that push the compositions forward. Lyrics are based on true stories.

The upcoming third full length "Apothecary's Tome ov Depravity and Filth" shall be released later this autumn and the third single "Death Measured in Milligrams" from the album is now out on music services! The track represents the melodic and more traditional death metal side of the album. But it also include maybe the most chaotic riff that the composer Luukas Savolainen has ever made.

"As a composition Death Measured in Milligrams is a pure presentation of using Guitar Pro." Savolainen comments.

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