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Finnish Pop Metal band SEGMENTIA releases "SAVE ME"

SEGMENTIA's music brings together elements of several genres accompanied by heavy and pop sounds. The band, is about to launch the second EP of it's career, including the first singles "Forget Me" and "Alone" and now it's time for the third "Save Me". The rhythms inspired by 90s grunge and 30 Seconds To Mars tie together heavy and symphonic elements and hauntingly melancholy guitar riffs and solos.

"Save Me tells the story of a strong person who usually supports others when the sea of ​​life is stormy. When it's his turn to collapse, he often feels lonely, helpless and hopeless. Save Me is this person's cry for help. Despite its straightforward nature, Save Me manages to delicately touch a hidden corner of the heart," says the band's bassist Matti Siekkinen.

The singles official music video, was made in collaboration with the cultural production students of Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences. The video explores the Kaatiala quarry and its forests, Seinäjoki in the basement of an old hospital, and above all in a person's mind and thoughts, where you can really get lost.

"The shooting conditions of the video were still almost arctic in the spring, and diving into frozen water even raised the fear of escape. The challenging filming conditions helped me identify with the character of the song even more deeply than before," says singer Kansana..

Pop Metal from the North - SEGMENTIA

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