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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Miss Vain released their Crocus Biflorus EP - New music video One To Burn also out now!

Finnish rocking metal band Miss Vain released their first EP 'Crocus Biflorus' on August 11th 2023 via Inverse Records. Also a new music video One to Burn is released today and it can be seen here: The vocalist Mikko Vilkman comments: "Here it is!

Miss Vain's first EP - Crocus Biflorus as fresh as it gets!

The songs has been composed, written and recorded little by little from summer of 2020 to the fall of 2022…We know it took awhile but hey, what's the rush?! Band was formed during the sessions in 2021, so the players on the record are not quite the same as our current lineup.

One To Burn is the only song on the album that hasn't been released yet as a single, so we gave it a privilege to start this bumpy joyride! The song tells a story of sort of an own life antihero, who is struggling with depression, challenging relationships and explosive impulsiveness that might set the whole world on fire if unleashed. It's pretty easy listening song with catchy and melodic chorus.

Second song on EP is called All the Same, which was the first single of the album we released via Inverse Records. It critizises the false and embellished reality, created especially in social media. Song has got very good feedback whenever played live or via streaming services. It's a metal song leaning towards rock- and even pop-music.

Leap of Failed as a third song of the album will raise some horns with it's modern thrash- metal like vibes and easygoing choruses. Lyrics are about failing and ones need of a change in life, even though it could be such a leap of faith, with ghosts of the past lurking in the mist of your mind and in the shades of loneliness. It was the second single from the album.

Song number four is called Song of Solitude. It's also the third single of the album. This might be EP:s most toughest bite for a listener, as it holds elements from progressive-metal to pop-rock and much in between within. Lyrically we stick in with such a similar issues. It's basically about loss, grieving the past and hope for a new… The cry for love and acceptance universally and/or personally.

Well I think that's pretty much what whole life is all about! Isn't it?

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