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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish metal band Kaksonen releases second single from the upcoming album!

The second single Vihasta tehty from the upcoming album by Finnish metal band Kaksonen, exhibits the band's more aggressive and faster side. Even though slowly reaching middle-age, the aggressiveness and intensity of the band's early days can still be heard in Kaksonen's expression. The song itself, turbocharger with thrash and punk influences, wrestles with the mental strain and weight passed from fathers to sons over generations.

Kaksonen was founded 2007 in Äänekoski Finland. On May that year the band played it's first live show on a local battle of the bands. And as a winner of the contest they recorded their first EP. Main goal from the very beginning was to create really heavy music that would also have a life loving aspect and that would resonate to people from different backgrounds. Next six years Kaksonen played loads of furious shows and released four EPs and one full length album. After that the band split up as the members moved all around the nordic countries. Now after about 10 years the band has activated again and they are releasing the hardest and heaviest album so far!

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