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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish melodic death metal band Erase This Earth released a new single King of Lies!

Finnish melodic death metal band Erase This Earth released a new single King of Lies via Inverse Records. LISTEN King of lies on streaming services: The band comments: "Our newest song King of Lies is a slight departure from our previous releases, mostly by its more melodic nature and catchy chorus section that makes it “almost radio friendly”. However, the single does not herald a change of genre for the band in a softer direction, but it is a purposefully separate adventure for a band that continues to focus more on the "death" side of melodeath. Heikki: "In the familiar Erase This Earth style, the playing doesn't spare any notes with any instrument, and on the vocal side, dynamics were sought as far as we could while maintaining consistency and quality. The end result is, in my opinion, a functional package that has a suitable grip surface and still offers something interesting for the musically inclined." Mikko: "The song has been waiting for the light of day in the desk drawer for too long, so it's great to have it finally released. Although the style may be a little different from the traditional Erase This Earth, it's definitely one of my live favorites thanks to the instrumental fun-factor and melodic hooks." Janne: "To a large extent, the idea was to take a little break from more technical trickery for the sake of change, dig out those camo shorts you bought when you were 15 and let loose with that nice Gothenburg taste in your mouth." Antti: "It's an absolute joy to play this song live, at home, or even in a garden. But an even greater joy is to hear this song recorded, since this is something we've been waiting for quite a long time. The result is way better than what I had courage to hope for - even though the camo shorts, bought when I was 15 (mentioned by Janne), don't definitely fit and I had to listen to this song without pants."

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