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Finnish melodeath stalwarts share “As the Stars Align” video!

Finnish melodeath stalwarts Re-Armed have announced their 20th Anniversary EP, titled XX, out 27 January 2022 via Inverse Records. The EP contains five other songs in addition to the released single, “As the Stars Align.”

Filmed and edited by the band’s guitarist Allan Välimaa, the music video for the track got its premiere via Metal Insider.

The band comments on the new single, EP and the 20th anniversary:

“The single’s soundscape is filled with lots of sweet melodies while still maintaining raw energy brought by impulsive drums and highlighted growl vocals. Song lyrics continue the theme explored in the previous album: wonders of the universe and life’s uniqueness…

“And what about the anniversary and upcoming EP release? Well, during the 20 years, the band has seen better and worse, but almighty Finnish “sisu,” aka willpower, has pushed us through these years and keeps us still on the move. We want to thank everyone who has been involved in this band somehow at some point of this adventure — meaning each and everyone who brought something to the table at that point of the trip. Anyhow, the best thing about the past is that it shows us what not to bring into the future — which is clearly visible and heard in the great outcome today. On the upcoming EP, new winds are blowing and there will be some, let’s say, “adjusted” echoes from the past.”

Access “As the Stars Align” on digital/streaming platforms AT THIS LOCATION.

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