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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish melancholic melodic death metal band Dead Serenity releases their debut album!

Dead Serenity is Finnish melancholic melodic death metal 5-piece founded in 2018. On their music the band focus on strong melodies. On lyrics they let the full scale of human emotions and behavior carry the music from an atmosphere to another - from sensibility to ecstasy and from distress to aggression. The band released their debut EP "Beginnings" in 2020 and the debut full length "When Worlds Turn To Gray" follows later this year. First single and lyric video "The World That Never Was" is a dystopian story about oppression towards people and the desperate and doomed uprising towards their superior leaders. Musically the track opens up the whole scale of Dead Serenity's sound. Both the single and album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dead Serenity's guitarist and main composer Toni Lind. Graphics and lyric video is created by Jonas Eriksson. Check the lyric video:

Listen to the single:

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