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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish industrial metal band Pentatonik return with a new name Alfa Pentatonik!

Finnish Industrial Metal band Pentatonik is back with a new name and line-up and it's now called Alfa Pentatonik. The first single Pelkojemme perintö is released today via Inverse Records. LISTEN the single:

Biography Pentatonik is a Finnish industrial metal band that was formed in the beginning 2000 and it is now coming back with full force. The band has been on a break since 2006, when their last EP “Hellä” was released and band member separated their ways. Pentatonik did a comeback in 2007, but life got on the way again and the only release was "Pohjakosketus" EP, which was published only on JP Immonen's (Walhalla, Iron Frost & Aria of Sorrow) Soundcloud account. In 2012 Pentatonik got their second album "Lopullinen Ratkaisu" (Final Solution of Mankind) ready. It was started with the original band members before their 2006 breakup and was finished by JP and AP. Album was released as a digital download, and it was used to collect money for the Torture Victims. 2022 was a new start to the band. JP Immonen (only original member and founder of the band) started to go through old files and create new music for the band and to honour the original Pentatonik, named it “Alfa Pentatonik”. Janne Partanen (Hautajaisyö, Marraskuun Lapset & Uhriristi) was found to do vocals and also lyrics. Alfa Pentatonik is currently making new songs and remaking old ones. As a new beginning the band is releasing "Pelkojemme Perintö" (Legacy of Our Fears) a hard hitting songs that takes inspiration from Rammstein and Ministry. The song tells about evolution and how it has made us who we are. The Band started working with Inverse Records and their catchy and bleak songs will be released soon.

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