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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Industrial metal band Alfa Pentatonik released the fist single from the upcoming EP Gamma 1!

Finnish Industrial Metal band Pentatonik is back with a new name and line-up and it's now called Alfa Pentatonik. Today the band released the first single Korjattu totuus (Fixed Truth) from the upcoming new EP “Gamma 1” which will be released later in 2023 via Inverse Records. LISTEN to Korjattu totuus single on streaming services: The band tells about the track: "Our first new song (Pelkojemme Perintö) was almost like a tribute to older Pentatonik and now it’s time to kick up a gear and show more metallic style. ”Korjattu totuus” tells about propaganda and people who have unlimited power." LISTEN the comeback single Pelkojemme perintö:

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