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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish Extreme Metallers ANZILLU Release “Discordia”Music Video and Digital Single!

Finnish extreme metallers ANZILLU – whose sound is punctuated by buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered with equal amounts of dexterous shredding and pummeling anthemic brute force – release the fourth single/video from their anticipated debut album. Today the digital single “Discordia” is available on all streaming and download platforms and you can watch the video HERE.

"'Discordia' was one of the reasons my previous band split up. It might be a divisive song for some people, but we firmly stand behind it," explains guitarist Jesse Kamarainen. "In the album context it fits perfectly as a breather in between more brutal songs and showcases the band's versatility in songwriting. The song's longing melody gives it almost a power ballad vibe, while the tempo is punishing 200bpm with lots of guitar action that culminates to an epic solo. The lyrics deal with a withering friendship that takes more than gives and how to let go. I think it's an important message that sometimes it's just time to move on from something that once was great, but has only become a shadow of its former glory."

“Discordia” is the fourth offering from the new name in the Finnish metal scene following up slamming numbers like Trumpets Of War, Needles (On My Nerves) and The Cleansing Flame showcasing the group’s power and impact evident on forthcoming album, ‘Ex Nihilo,’ to be release January 27th on Digipak CD, limited edition magenta colored vinyl (300 copies) and Digital. Pre-Order on Bandcamp or our Webstore.

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