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Finnish extreme metal band i Helvete releases a new single – the second album out in November!

Combining melodic black and death metal, i Helvete has released the first single Uuden Ajan ABC from their upcoming second album Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta. The concept album tells the story of a movement that sees the direction of the modern world as doomed. Preserving the sustainability of the planet requires extensive and radical actions - and not everyone can survive.

The band from Seinäjoki, Finland released their debut album Sinisten Puiden Niitty two years ago. i Helvete’s new single Uuden Ajan ABC is now available on all streaming services and its lyric video on YouTube. Anna Pellikka, who also guested on the debut album, is responsible for the female vocals in the song. Singer-guitarist Aleksi Mäkelä comments:

"Uuden Ajan ABC was the first completed song from our second album. From the beginning it was a very strong ensemble and a single candidate. The song contains memorable riffs, female vocals and mood changes. The opening riff was played and felt for a long time before it got surrounded by other stuff. Originally, the song actually contained a completely separate outro, but when we arranged the song with Tapio, he came up with the idea that it should go back to the stuttering atmosphere of the verses instead of the new outro. Manu added an atmospheric guitar solo to it and thus the end of the song became much better! Lyrically, Uuden Ajan ABC serves as a good starting point for the concept album world, even though it's only the third song on the actual album."

Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta will be published on 24th of November 2023 via Inverse Records. Before the album release, the band promises to release two more singles. The album was mixed and mastered by Second To Sun frontman Vladimir Lehtinen, who is known for e.g. as Grima and Ultar's sound engineer. "The composition process of our second album was surprisingly fast. After the release of the first album, it probably took a half year for this album to be composed. Of course, the recordings and other processes related to the album release still took their own time. YYY is perhaps a bit more straightforward compared to the debut album. We wanted to keep the sound world as authentic as possible, and in the recordings we tried to find the most ready sounds for the instruments. In addition to traditional band instruments, the album features violin, accordion, piano and mandolin. Instead of virtual instruments, we wanted these to be real for the record, and we used session musicians to record them. I think the sound of the album is really successful." Mäkelä continues. LISTEN Uuden Ajan ABC single on streaming services: PRE-ORDER CD from: Inverse Store OR Record Shop X

Biography Gloomy patterns, addictive moods and melodic, unconventional music. That's how Finnish extreme metal band i Helvete swallows the listener to the edge of Northern Darkness. The band took its first breath in 2018 by releasing double-single “Pimeyden Ytimessä / Umpikuja”. After two years of writing new material i Helvete grew from duo to a full band and went back to the studio to record their praised concept debut album “Sinisten Puiden Niitty” in 2021. Consisting of experienced musicians, i Helvete hasn't played any gigs yet - it's left to wait for the right moment. Instead, the band has focused on making new music. The second concept album “Yksi Yhteinen Yhteiskunta” will see the light in November 2023.

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