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Finnish Death Metal Veterans PURTENANCE Unveil Lyric Video for 'Transitory Soul of the Righteous'

Riding on the crest of their storied career, Finnish death metal trailblazers PURTENANCE have unleashed a powerful lyric video for 'Transitory Soul of the Righteous,' the second single from their eagerly awaited fifth album, 'The Rot Within Us.' Set for a grand release on July 11th, 2023, through Xtreem Music, the album will be available in 12" LP, CD, Cassette, and Digital formats. Dedicated fans can already secure their copy through pre-orders!

Delve into the deathly echoes of 'Transitory Soul of the Righteous' here.

PURTENANCE, renowned for their uniquely heavy and gloomy old-school Finnish death metal sound, have poured their decades of experience into 'The Rot Within Us.' This newest creation sees the band retain their quartet configuration with the continued inclusion of Aabeg Gautam from the Nepalese DYING OUT FLAME on bass and vocals.

In addition to the CD, 'The Rot Within Us' is also available in a vinyl edition of 500 copies (100 splatter and 400 black) and a special cassette release limited to 50 units.

To pre-order 'The Rot Within Us', follow these links:

  • CD

  • 12"LP (splatter)

  • 12"LP (black)



To buy the album digitally, click here.

The album cover was designed by Chris Moyen, continuing a creative partnership that dates back to their iconic 1992 debut, 'Member of Immortal Damnation.'

To sample more from this impending masterpiece, visit PURTENANCE's official Facebook page or listen to the first single here.

Unfolding over eight powerful tracks, 'The Rot Within Us' promises to deliver the quintessential PURTENANCE experience fans have come to expect. Mark your calendars for July 11th and get ready for a death metal voyage of a lifetime!

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