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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish dark rock band DOL released first single from their upcoming EP - Lillith's Song!

Finnish dark rock band DOL releases their second EP "Amor Brutale" later this spring. Now the single and music video of a track "Lillith's Song" is released.

Watch the music video: Listen to the single on music services: DOL's guitar player and singer Eero Veri backgrounds the single: Couple years ago I heard the story of Lillith for the first time and I was fascinated by it. I had hear the name all around in pop culture, but never knew the whole story. Lillith is the mother of all vampires and demons, according to some wife of lucifer and the first wife Adam in christian mytology, although almost any reference to her was completely cut from the bible as we know it. The latter being the most fascinating claim for me, I’ve always heard of Eve but never any wife or even woman before her. According to the legend, Lillith was Adams equal, not made of his ribs but created just like him. She was too dominant and did not submit to Adam, so he asked god for another wife and so, Lillith was sent to hell and given to lucifer. In the song I try to reference her as a (vampire like) entity that takes over the female in the song and her spouse feels at first that she has this coldness inside because she wont submit to her but at the end notices that things are much better doing so. There is more of that vampire side of things mixed in there on the lyrics as the woman in the beginning is thinking should she bite the man, turning him also to a vampire, but would that have too big of an effect on their love? Would she completely rule over him after that? All she wants is to be his equal partener… On the musical side of things, we try to dive deeper into dark rock and goth themes and sounds, still keeping the core same as before. There are also definedly much more synths amd programmed drumbeats than, before also trying to mix some violins and cellos there too. The songs post-production, mixing and mastering was done by Matias Kupiainen of Stratovarius, who is largely behind the overall sound of the track.

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