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Finnish blackened death metal band Progeny Of Sun releases their debut album!

Finnish blackened death metal band Progeny of Sun released their anticipated debut album 'Throne of Desolation' via Inverse Records. To celebrate the album release, the band also released a new music video Dweller which can be seen here: Guitarist Joni talks about the song Dweller:

"This song originates from the early days of the band, composed nearly 4 years ago. The song has been abandoned on multiple occasions, dug up again, attempted to be refined, abandoned once more, but ultimately resurrected for the album in its original form. Upon hearing the result, we were surprised by the unique atmosphere the song brings, which is one of the darkest on the album. Dweller is a somewhat strange and raw song, but at the same time, it is also melancholic and beautiful." The band talks about the process of making the album:

" "Do you guys always intend to make only EPs and singles?" asked a devoted fan from the handsome drummer. This question deeply irritated Juha, and the first seeds for the album were sown.

The idea of the album had been brewing in drummer Juha's mind since ancient times. At the age of seven, he faced a tough life choice: should he get a cap gun or drums?

Years later, Juha chose the right path and began practicing drumming without a backing track. The time was ripe for recording the album! Despite the pressure, the recordings went well, but tension and frustration erupted in a gentle confrontation with the composer-guitarist. "Come play your drums yourself!" shouted Juha to Joni from behind his drum kit.

This time, Joni knew he was significantly involved in the album, as his compositions made up 52 % of the record. The only problem was that Joni couldn't remember how any of the songs went. For his fine work, Joni was rewarded 4/5 rating from his outstanding work and a parrot badge. You get those badges in Finland for good deeds, like brownie points.

Then it was the maestro's turn to practice magic in the shadows. Jaakko played his parts to the tape with perfect confidence and without mistakes. As a result, Jaakko also received 4/5 rating and a parrot badge for his performance. Fortunately, both guitarists had tuned their instruments at home before the recordings, so they got through the sessions without any problems.

Next up were the bass recordings:

"One day is probably enough. It's half an hour, and then I'll drive home," said the bass virtuoso Tuomo confidently. The recordings, stretching into the wee hours of the night, humbled Tuomo, and he admitted, "None of these basses went normally."

Finally, the most anticipated moment arrived. King Niko descended into the basement to sing. Even the regional aerobics competition roaring upstairs didn't prevent Niko from performing his vocal parts with honor. After hard work, Niko was rewarded with a Tupla salary. In Finland we have this candy bar called Tupla which means double, so basically Niko got double salary. However, all vocal parts were eventually redone, but the experience was the most important.

The long process was finally completed, with a total of 12 songs in the can. The album was mixed and mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios."

LISTEN Throne of Desolation album on streaming services:

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