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Finland’s Melodic, Power Metal Masters, Winterborn, announce new album “Break Another Day"

Finland’s Melodic, Power Metal Masters, Winterborn, announce new album “Break Another Day;” debut new single and video for “Winterborn.” 


Back from a nearly 15 year hiatus, Winterborn picks up right where they left off, with their most powerful and strongest album to date. With 5 new singles released, (the single “Winterborn” being the latest), the band has lit a magical re-ignition that is sure to burn more than a few fires in the Melodic Power Metal world. The new songs are a mix of Power Metal with signature Progressive flair and enough melody to float on the wings of angels. The new songs are sure to please the band’s existing fan base who have been waiting anxiously for this resurrection, but also open new eye’s all across the Power Metal world. 


Pasi Vapola States: “I am very proud of the new music and I am sure that the fans will love it. They have been waiting patiently and we feel that we have delivered something very special for them.”


Winterborn saw the light of day at the end of 2004 and much like so many other bands before them, started from the ashes of a covers-only band titled Mean Machine. That band transformed into Winterborn and with their original line-up the band released one album, “Cold Reality” via Massacre Records in November of 2006. The album brought critical acclaim and made enough noise to grab them a support slot on the European Tour of Düsseldorf’s Pocket-sized, Metal Goddess, Doro, through 6 countries and 22 shows. 


The accolades kept pouring in as “Cold Reality” was touted by the media as “An amazing piece of metal,” “Best debut since Sonata Arctica’s “Ecliptica,” and “Impressive in all aspects.” High marks for a debut album, for sure.  With that kind of attention, the band garnered some well-deserved attention in Europe and Japan, but, surprisingly, not in their native Finland. With the countries love for all things metal, it was there that the albums momentum fizzled out due to the lack of any type of powerful promotion. After the Euro tour and a handful of domestic gigs, the band decided to pivot off of the attention that they established outside of Finland and began recording their sophomore album in August of 2007. The recording of the album took a hit right out of the gate due to some unfortunate circumstances and an almost complete makeover of the band’s line-up.  The recording took a whopping 7 months and almost a full year before it was ready for release. 


The band was hungrier than ever and the revamped Winterborn, with a fresh lineup, signed a recording deal with Japanese label Marquee/Avalon (Sonata Arctica, Iced Earth, H.E.A.T etc.) for their 2nd album. Touted, again by the media as a quality effort, with buzz like “Total proof of talent,” “Melodic metal at its best,” the album “Farewell To Saints” dropped in Japan in November 2008 and early 2009 in Europe via Massacre Records. The rest of 2009 and early 2010 saw the band embarking on another European Tour supporting Finland melodic metal hammers Sonata Arctica and Dutch upstarts Delain.


With many past successes to build from and the extended hiatus that kept the band hungry to play again, Winterborn has survived through the changes and are set to take over the music world. After hearing the new songs, the world is set to be the bands oyster. Open your ears, sit back and hear the magic of the return of Winterborn.



Tracklist for “Break Another Day


01. Another Sleepless Night

02. Satellite

03. On The Greatest Day

04. For The First Time Ever

05. Winterborn

06. Washed Away By Tide

07. Now Or Never

08. Into The Shades Of Gray

09. Moon From The Sky

10. Silver Dreams

11. Through Different Eyes

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