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  • Jason Hesley

Finland’s ANZILLU Release Their Anticipated Debut Full-Length!

Today Finnish extreme metallers ANZILLU – whose sound is punctuated by buzz-saw guitar riffs delivered with equal amounts of dexterous shredding and pummeling anthemic brute force – release their anticipated debut album, ‘Ex Nihilo,’ upon the masses. Thrashy, intense, infectiously catchy with melodic undertones and shout-along choruses, this album is seismic and relentless and demands to be heard.

”We’ve been working on this album for a good three years,” explains guitarist Jesse Kämäräinen. “First demoing and arranging the songs, then recording and mixing it at Sonic Pump Studios with Nino Laurenne (Amorphis, Wintersun, Lost Society, Lordi) and lastly working towards the release with M-Theory Audio. Finally, the day is here and we get to see how people will receive it. I've made some albums in my time and I'm proud of all of them, but this one I'm proud of the most. It took the most work and it paid off. In a certain way, the stars were aligned.”

The band has not been shy in wanting to let people hear their efforts and four singles and videos were released prior to street date showcasing the strength and depth of the album, and today marks a fifth video online for the blasting track “Mental Graveyard.” Yes, there’s that much meat on the bone making for a strong, deep and confident debut.

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