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  • Jason Hesley

Finland’s AMOTH (ft.Ensiferum’s Pekka Montin) Posts Lyric Video “The Hour Of The Wolf”

Finland’s Amoth featuring Pekka Montin of Ensiferum on vocals are sharing their next single and title track from their forthcoming album “The Hour Of The Wolf” due out on January 28, 2022.

"This is a very very personal song lyrically. There was a time when I couldn’t even listen to the song without getting emotional. I think many people can appreciate the lyrics and reflect them to their own life. Musically there’s a lot going on. Lots of cool melodies and riffs and A LOT of solos. Many parts in this song, including the solos, were played and recorded at the hour of the wolf.

”The hour of the wolf is the hour between night and dawn. The hour when most people die, when sleep is deepest, when nightmares are most real. It is the hour when the sleepless are haunted by their deepest fears, when ghosts and demons are most powerful.” adds Amoth guitarist and main songwriter Tomi Ihanamäki.

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