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  • Jason Hesley

Final Coil announce remixed and remastered Somnanmbulant to accompany new album Somnambulant II!

On December 10thFinal Coil will release their new album of dreams and reimaginings, Somnambulant II through WormHoleDeath and pre-orders for that release are now open. Somnambulant II was named after the band's 2014 EP, Somnambulant, which shared an experimental approach and dreamlike feel. Inspired by their new collection Final Coil have revisited Somnambulant - now Somnambulant I - and remixed and remastered it, adding some superb new artwork created by the band's bassist, Jola Stiles. Somnambulant I will now be released alongside it's companion piece on December 10th and pre-orders for this reborn endeavour are also open now.

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