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Filmmaker + Godfather of Finnish Heavy Metal KIMMO KUUSNIEMI Talks About SARCOFAGUS, His New Project

Filmmaker + Godfather of Finnish Heavy Metal KIMMO KUUSNIEMI Talks About SARCOFAGUS, His New Project ANCIENT STREAMING ASSEMBLY + Many More!

Just recently Luxi Lahtinen from The Metal Crypt conducted an in-depth interview with the Finnish Filmmaker + Godfather of Finnish Heavy Metal KIMMO KUUSNIEMI, talking about Sarcofagus, Kimmo's new project Ancient Streaming Assembly, revealing the first-ever time many interesting details. Among other topics, Kimmo and Luxi talked about the current world situation and how and why Kimmo's new Split Screen Management got started.

"Kimmo Kuusniemi, who's always been the heart and soul of the band, is far from being completely retired from making new music. In fact, as it is said when one thing comes to an end, often it's the start of something new."

Read below some excerpts of the interview:

"Time to change course and listen to my inner voice. This new project has been on my mind for a long time and now it has been my main project for the past year."

"One thing people don't really know is that heavy metal is just part of my musical background. I also listen to progressive, jazz, experimental music. All kinds of things that are already in Sarcofagus but also still very strongly present in me."

"The new project I'm working on now has no lyrics at all. The main idea is that the vocals are used as an instrument. There are messages, but they are in the songs and in the videos and in the atmospheric things that we have made. That's the thing. The new project is going back to the old sagas and the stories from the past. Yes, it's different. I'm trying to tell the stories with the music, not the lyrics, so that's kind of different."

"One of the greatest compliments for an artist is that you have created something that you will be remembered for. I am actually very honored to be called the Godfather of Finnish Metal. Yeah! I think that is super cool!"

"The project Ancient Streaming Assembly (ASA)... is a collective cross-arts project. The idea of cross-arts is understood only from the very piece of art itself as it comes to life. It is defined by the moment artists in collaboration cross their own discipline borders to make art that is vibrant, alive, and speaks to an audience, small or large. ASA is unravelling the ancient myths and legends of the world. These epic stories were songs first, so the music has always played a fundamental part in them."

Talking about Split Screen Management...

"The music business is full of crooks so what we are trying to do is to create a fair and just service that will help bands to prosper. All of us have a very long history of working in the entertainment business. So, besides the general management, we can help bands to avoid repeating the same old mistakes."

"COVID-19 has been just horrendous for everyone and especially bad for the entertainment industry. A bad thing can also be a good thing."

"The bad thing was that COVID-19 ruined everything I had been working for. The good thing was that it made me rethink my life and as a result I now have a new music project well underway, and I met great people to start up a management business."

"I hope that other people might also be looking at their lives to re-evaluate what is actually important."

Read the whole interview here:

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