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  • Jason Hesley

FIFTH ANGEL - Release Video For New Single 'Resist The Tyrant'!

US metal legends FIFTH ANGEL have released a new single from their upcoming new studio album, When Angels Kill, which will be out on June 16th via Nuclear Blast Records.

The song 'Resist The Tyrant' which is being carried by infectious guitar leads and a captivating chorus is a prime example of those powerful and hard-hitting heavy metal anthems that can only be written and performed by the absolute masters of the genre.

In this day and age, tyranny is not fiction, it never was. While not a political song and rather woven into the album concept of When Angels Kill, 'Resist The Tyrant' bears a powerful message that will resonante with those oppressed or fighting oppression today. Its rebellious spirit has been remarkably captured in a new FIFTH ANGEL music video also premiering today.

The video introduces the four main characters in the story of this epic concept album. The four main characters of the story are: the protagonist Phoenix, a young man, and his best friend in the resistance, Dylan, Phoenix's love interest Lana, also a member of the rebellion, and the global Tyrant Dionne Profontis.

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