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  • Jason Hesley

FERALIA: Italian black metallers sign to Time To Kill Records!

Time To Kill Records is proud to announce the signing of Italian black metallers FERALIA.

FERALIA was founded in 2018 by two Turin-based musicians, Khrura and Raijinous, eager to create a black metal project that was supposed to draw from the Norwegian tradition and at the same time evolve into a more modern dimension, blending rawness, melancholy and epic tones. After the pre-production phase of the first full-length album, drummer Ignotus Nebis and vocalist Tibor Kati (Sur Austru/NeguraBunget) joined in the band.

The first album, "Helios Manifesto", recorded at Ossario Studio in Turin in 2019, was released in the spring of 2020. 

After the release of “Helios Manifesto”, the band immediately started working on new tracks. The band's new record marks the entry into lineup of new singer/guitarist Erymanthon Seth (Apocalypse) and new drummer P. (Noise Trail Immersion, O).

"Under Stige / Over Dianam" will be released via Time To Kill Records in Spring 2022 and boasts two exceptional guests to be announced shortly.

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