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  • Jason Hesley

Feral Lord to release "Vires In Absoluto" on May 5th!

Message From the Artist:

“This album is about finding power in the absolute extremes of existence and obliterating any grey areas or middle ground. Only the purest of love and hate is real. For this album we went much more experimental with longer songs, dissonant harmonies, lengthy acoustic sections, but also keeping it all grounded with a strong second wave influence.”

About the Album

Feral Lord have created quite a name for themselves, with their last album Purity of Corruption receiving both critical and general praise. The black metal duo features the same lineup as Acausal Intrusion, Obsidian Hooves and Burial Curse, with LA’s Nicholas Turner (vocals and strings) and Gulfport’s Jared Moran (drums) joining forces once more. The duo has shown us time and time again that they are able to produce incredible music when their powers are combined. The album is easily the duo’s most ambitious, covering all new territory from previous releases. The inclusion of numerous acoustic sections makes for a captivating listening experience. These segments are all the more impactful due to the dissonant harmonies that often straddle them. One moment you may have a harsh, assaulting segment that suddenly gives way to an unexpected atmosphere focused section of a track. The sudden change catches you off guard, but you appreciate the respite allotted to you before the song resumes its assault. While being the project’s most ambitious and experimental release, there is also a sense of traditionalism that balances the album out. This is drawn from the duo’s choice to ground themselves in a strong second wave influence. The inspiration drawn from classic legendary black metal acts can be felt in the more harmonious, less dissonant sections of the album, of which there are numerous. This juxtaposition of elements has resulted in the album feeling both familiar and alien, natural yet experimental. This ties into the overall theme of the album and its focus on extremes of existence. The duo wanted to focus on dichotomy with the release and they have well and truly achieved this. The constant balancing act between experimentation and tradition, melody and dissonance, atmosphere and aggression are a testament to this fact. If you’re a black metal fan in any capacity, you won’t want to miss this release. Let Feral Lord show you just how extreme US black metal can be.

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