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  • Jason Hesley

Female Fronted Modern Metal Force Conspiracy of Blackness UnleashesOblivion / Rise (Official Video)!

Female-fronted modern metal formidable force Conspiracy of Blackness is proud to unveil their spellbinding and emotionally charged dual-track spectacle, "Oblivion / Rise."

Directed by the visionary Raoul Noise from Novarolfilm, this cinematic journey plunges audiences into a realm where the ethereal meets the intense—a world where "Oblivion" delicately caresses the senses while "Rise" commands with raw, visceral power.

In this visually captivating narrative, the songs entwine seamlessly, transcending the boundaries between dreams and reality. Nightmares materialize into a dark and mystical universe, echoing the profound depth of human emotion.

The intertwined melodies of 'Oblivion' and 'Rise' echo our deepest fears and unleash the fury of inner demons," shares the band. "These tracks are a raw reflection of the relentless battles against insecurities and the shadows that haunt our daily lives."

With an infusion of intense dark and new wave soundscapes, Conspiracy of Blackness pushes sonic boundaries, delivering a uniquely atmospheric experience. Their musical tapestry, enriched by elements of nu-metal and alternative sounds, pays homage to the influential tones of the 90s and 2000s while forging an innovative path forward.

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