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  • Jason Hesley

FEATHER MOUNTAIN announces Danish shows and releases live video!

This past September, Danish progressive metal quartet FEATHER MOUNTAIN released its second album ‘To Exit A Maelstrom’. The album is an ambitious further development of the band’s characteristic progressive metal, while the record thematically is a deeply personal story about the loss of a dear one to the slowly dissolving disease Alzheimer’s. ‘To Exit A Maelstrom’ was overwhelmingly received internationally by the public and press with e.g. Metal Hammer UK rating it 8/10 proclaiming the record to be “​​a powerful experience that induces an equally powerful emotional response.”

Now, FEATHER MOUNTAIN announces a batch of Danish shows in the months to come, including two December shows as support for MØL and VOLA respectively, while the band will also perform at the annual When Copenhell Freezes Over showcase at Vega in Copenhagen. In the same breath, the band shares a live video for the album single ‘Sincere’ giving a good impression on the band’s powerful live appearances.

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