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  • Jason Hesley

Fearout released a second single and music video from their debut album!

Finnish Helsinki based metal band Fearout is set to release their debut album Bleedthrough on November 5th 2021 via Inverse Records. The band released their second single Point Blank Range today with music video.

Watch Point Blank Range music video:

Singer Justus Latvala comments: "Point Blank Range is a little bit older song. I think I sent the first demo to the band in 2015. Then we spent five years trying to get lead vocal melodies right. We always thought that the song contained good riffs and rhythms and it had potential, but I never really nailed the vocals until last December. Point Blank Range was the first song that we mixed for the album and we spent quite some time to get the guitar sound right. And actually, re-recorded all the guitars four or five times because we weren't satisfied with the sound. The song deals with the consequences of the choices that we make. It raises the question that if you had a chance, would you make the same choices and do the same mistakes all over again. Which one is more important: the journey or the destination?"

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