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  • Jason Hesley

Fatuous Rump return with the staggering brutality of I Am At Your Disposal!

It’s all about understanding, the need to know…how everything connects, what lies behind beauty, where do we keep our souls. The skin is a mask, a sheet to hide our secrets; once it has been removed so much starts to become clear. I dig deep, through the muscle and sinew, down to the glistening white bone; carefully extracting the arteries, the delicate web of veins, wiping aside the endless tide of blood and striving to block out the shrieking background noise which threatens to distract me from my work. The soul is here, somewhere in this slippery crimson morass, somewhere behind this cage of bone…and its secrets will be mine.

In a glorious explosion of gore and horror the legendary Fatuous Rump have returned! Taiwan’s most notorious exponents of bloody, brutal death metal bring you I Am At Your Disposal, a feast of sickening riffs, twisted grooves, blistering blasts and the warped vocal exhortations of the one and only Larry Wang! Blending the blackest of sick humour with the heaviest sounds imaginable Fatuous Rump have crafted an irreverent classic of the genre. Behind the unnerving soundbites and the grotesque song titles lurk some irresistible examples of absolute extremity – the filthy, addictive riffing of ‘Whenever We’re Opened We’re Red’, the skull-shattering impact of ‘The Airtight Bag In The Freezer’ and the sheer colossal weight of ‘Sometimes Bad Babies Go In Timeout’; these songs are genre defining masterpieces! I Am At Your Disposal takes every element of Fatuous Rump’s insane signature sound and pushes it to even greater extremes…this album will crush you, pulverise you and utterly destroy you.

Brutal Mind and Fat Tub Of Lard have united to release I Am At Your Disposal – it’s simply too heavy for one label to manage alone! Housed in the macabre and morbid artwork of Bagoes Putra of Pradana Graphics (Arsebreed, Cerebral Incubation etc) I Am At Your Disposal will detonate on April 28th so get ready to bathe in the blood shower. Fatuous Rump are the last word in Taiwanese ultra-brutality, the uncrowned kings of death metal’s deepest, darkest realms.

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