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  • Jason Hesley

FALLUJAH - Unleash Final Single 'Soulbreaker'!

With barely a month remaining before the release of their their highly anticipated 5th studio album, "Empyrean," Bay Area masters of atmospheric technical death metal FALLUJAH have unleashed their final single, a torrential masterpiece titled "Soulbreaker." A masterclass of guitar wizardry and a devastating gut punch of pummeling rhythm, the ripping new track takes fans into the pit with a decimating level of sonic ferocity.

Stream "Soulbreaker":

Commenting on the song, founding guitarist Scott Carstairs says: "Prepare to have your mind melted by our latest track 'SOULBREAKER.' This will be our third and final single from our monstrous record 'Empyrean' out on 9/9. 'Soulbreaker' is a psychedelic spiral into depravity, relentlessly beating you down with pissed off riffs and ethereal walls of sonic bliss. Try not to break your neck listening to this one."

FALLUJAH emerges, post-pandemic, revitalized as they explore new sonic realms and revisit elements of style executed on early records. With an overhauled lineup that includes primary songwriter/guitarist Scott Carstairs and compeer/drummer Andrew Baird and newly added vocalist Kyle Schaefer (Archaeologist) and bassist Evan Brewer (formerly Entheos/The Faceless), FALLUJAH are at a creative peak that's nearly unmatched in modern death metal.

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