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  • Jason Hesley

FALL OF EARTH Kick Off Canadian Tour Dates In Support of New Album “From the Ashes”

Edmonton’s Fall Of Earth has embraced labeling themselves as “Hybrid Metal”, as their sound is a contagious mélange of genres, that is continuously being refined. The primary elements come from progressive, death, and thrash, and over time, they find a lot of their tracks becoming longer, more epic, and more dynamic becoming more melodic and groove-oriented, as well as utilizing a healthy balance between heavy sections and clean sections. The latest iteration of the Canadian quartet can be experienced with their recently released sophomore album “From the Ashes” and the fresh new video for the title track. The band shares their thoughts:

“The song speaks levels on childhood abuse, reclamation, and metamorphosis. Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, all people are capable of rehabilitation, and recovering from trauma. Neglected and beaten as a child and into early adulthood, the character of this song resists their oppressive parent and chooses to rise above the smoke (uncertainty) and evil of their past. This track is practically death metal and is incredibly fast and heavy. It jumps into the evil riffs right off the bat without warning. You can’t put the brakes on this song, it just rips all the way through and also contains our first-ever breakdown to finish it off.”

Watch and listen to the music for “From the Ashes” at

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