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  • Jason Hesley

FADING BLISS vs FAAL "Neither Time Nor time" - a Doomed Battle Split EP!

A bad omen... A new sin...

Despite the current situation, Malpermesita is still on the way and we released today the first Battle-Split of the label with two mighty Doom bands, our dearest FADING BLISS from BelgiumM and our friends of Faal, from Netherlands.

The concept : each band proposes a new song and a cover of the other band song.

Fading Bliss decided to cover "00:00" from the debut album "Abhorrence - Salvation" of Faal. And Faal decided to cover the mighty Fading Bliss' song "Ocean", extract from their lastest and acclaimed album, released on Malpermesita Records, "Journeys in Solitude".

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