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Factory of Art to reissue of their EP "Story of Pain" – recorded in 1999!

The Prog-Metalheads of the Band „FACTORY OF ART“ from Leipzig/Germany  make a very special offer in these days to their fans:


The reissue of their EP „Story of Pain“ – recorded in 1999 – will be soon available at all streaming portals from February10th.


For Pre-Save clicke here:


Its a great time travel into the band´s own history: on this EP the fans find 3 tracks which represent all the musical benchmarks of FACTORY OF ART: hard riffs, melodic solos and powerful lead vocals. Every single track tells a moving story of grief, loss & hope.


Origininally this EP was made to be published in a very limited number of pieces as promo edition for labels, but then the leading german fanzine „Rock Hard“ discovered it and one of the tracks - „Story of Pain“ - was nominated for the „Unerhört“-challenge of this magazine and – to make a long story short – FACTORY OF ART won this competition and the track was published on the „Rock Hard“-Sampler in the year 2000. As a further result the band played some shows with the german band Destruction during their Germany Tour in 2000:


All these three tracks were recorded again for the second F.o.A.-album „The Tempter“ in new versions – so the recordings on the now published „Story of Pain“-EP are not only of msuical and historical value, but are collector´s items, too.


Founded in 1990, FACTORY OF ART released two full-length albums („Grasp“ in 1996 & „The Tempter“ in 2002). As part of the campaign to promote their forthcoming new album „Back to Life“ in June 2024 the band will re-release the „Story of Pain“ - EP on Februay 10th an plans to publish some more material (demos, EP´s) from the past in the near future.

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