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  • Jason Hesley

Extreme Metal Outfit CHOIR Release New Single "Drawn To An Early Grave"

CHOIR, the one-human entity cross-nationally from Singapore and Brazil, is preparing to release the new album Songs for a Tarnished World on March 24th, 2023. Composing extreme metal that crosses genres, CHOIR constructs dark ambient realms. Today, the band has revealed the first single from their upcoming opus, "Drawn To An Early Grave". You can stream HERE.

"This song has been severely inspired by the fractal structure in James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. In the novel, multiple individual sentences' length and themes represent the narrative of the whole, the verses summarise the whole album. Drawn To An Early Grave serves as an overture for Songs For A Tarnished World. As such, this song introduces the main concepts and "characters" that will be displayed throughout the next six tracks."

Manifesting epic soundscapes, eerie moods and a dystopian atmosphere, the new album fusing doom and black metal styles produces a gloomy and immersive experience. Each track on Songs for a Tarnished World narrates stories of a world where life has ended from the point of view of its landscapes; it celebrates life with the nostalgia only developed once it has been lost.

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