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  • Jason Hesley

Extreme Melodic Death Metal Unit DEFACING GOD Announce New Album, “The Resurrection of Lilith”

Extreme melodic death metal upstarts DEFACING GOD command notice with their hauntingly dark and refreshingly honest debut album, The Resurrection of Lilith, set for release on September 2, 2022 via Napalm Records. The record marks a multifaceted, grim and bludgeoning escape that spans the arc between raw death metal and symphonic grandiosity with ease, showcasing DEFACING GOD’s ambition to bewitch metal fans around the world with their sonic universe.

With their conceptual themes, the Denmark based outfit focuses on the seeping darkness that moves in us all – rooted in occultism and witchcraft, but primarily the mythologically mysterious female demon Lilith and her tales of fervent defiance and perseverance.

Opening this infernal chapter, DEFACING GOD have unveiled their first single, “Rise Of The Trinity”, along with a fiery official music video. The track ascends into a doom-tinged introduction, soon transforming into a blackened opus carried by the fierce growls of stand-out vocalist Sandie ‘The Lilith’ Gjørtz. Engulfing symphonics and a captivating guitar solo keep pressing ahead, resulting in an epic anthem celebrating feminist power and sisterhood!

DEFACING GOD on the song:The message of 'Rise Of The Trinity' is to catch up on the three previous tracks, ‘the invocations’ and bind them together – This track reunites the sisters of blood and flesh (Abyzou, Jezebel and Lilith) the three of us shall set our essence free and together we shall make a closure and take back our pride. The trinity is the kind of catalysator who speaks for all our cremated sisters - fellow witches who never got a voice through times and history. Strong and wise women have been slaughtered, molested, executed and abused, just because the herd were scared of their wisdom and free spirit. This trinity is the voice of rebellion and revenge in the name of the fallen and a strong message that we stand stronger if we stand together.”

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