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A brand new mini album/EP titled Antiviral was released by Disaster Records on Record Store Day 2021 on limited amounts.

Extreme Decay officially released a new EP titled Antiviral on 22 July 2021. The EP was released on cassette tape on a limited number of 100 copies through Disaster Records. The EP was released along with the celebration of Record Store Day (RSD) 2021 by Disaster Records.

“Actually the EP came about as a last minute decision on the catalogue of Disaster Records,” as said by Ravi when Extreme Decay was interviewed by Rian Pelor on Play FM radio program Play Out Loud last Wednesday (21/7). “At the moment Disaster was preparing to release several cassette tapes on RSD, and we make an offer for EP release because the material is ready. Everything happens quite fast…”

On the last couple of years Extreme Decay has been working quietly. Not many words and promises made publicly. As if they work in mysterious ways. “Actually since 2019 we have been writing new stuff for Extreme Decay,” Ruli said. “Although some of our members live in different cities, using technology we can exchange ideas, basic riffs, and song patterns. Then we perfected the ideas as a whole during rehearsal on studio,” as said by Nizar.

“At first, the songs was recorded for demos,“ Ruli explained the new EP materials. “But we felt that the quality is pretty okay, so why not release it.”

The title Antiviral is taken from one of the songs in the EP. Ravi, who wrote the music and lyrics for the song stated that “Antiviral” was inspired by a movie under the same name. The movie itself is centered on unhealthy social media culture, celebrity worship cults, and humanity’s obsession on hedonism.

The other songs in the EP are “Kolaps” with the theme of earth collapsing due to ecological disaster, “Mendakwa Otak” about monopoly of truth and baseless judgment, “Skeptik Tank” about real life ‘vampirism’, and “Invasi Pengerat” about opportunistic and cannibalistic behavior among humans. Such issues feel real and relevant on todays pandemic-ridden world.

Several weeks ago, Extreme Decay has released a track titled "Kolaps" as the first single for this EP, on 7 July 2021. The song was released along with a music video made by Dimas Tirta Arwana and available on Extreme Decay’s Youtube channel.

The Antiviral EP is a part of the latest recording session done by the band in Natural Studio (Surabaya) on 12-13 June 2021. The studio’s mastermind, Irwan Suharto, acted as the sound engineer under full supervision by the band.

The recording session in Natural Studio left a deep mark, and evoke a certain nostalgia for the band members. “The studio was quite legendary, especially for bands from Surabaya, Malang and the whole East Java underground scene. Since ’90s the studio was often used by our friends bands. Back then the studio still used analogue recording, and nowadays it uses digital recording. We recorded our second full length, Sampah Dunia Ketiga (released 2003) also at Natural studio…”

Extreme Decay actually recorded nine songs at the session. Five songs was then selected to be in the Antiviral EP, and the rest of the materials are kept as bonus tracks for future releases.

“We are going back to the studio at the end of the year to record a full length album to be released on 2022. We are aiming for new variations and elements to be incorporated to the next record” they said.

Extreme Decay is a grindcore unit from Malang, founded on January 1998. Since their inception they have been quite productive. Extreme Decay has released several albums on various record labels in Indonesia and abroad, including a number of split album and international compilations on the last two decades. The current members of Extreme Decay are Afrl (vocals), Ravi (guitar/vocals), Ruli (guitar/vocals), Nizar (bass/vocals), and Eko (drum/vocals).

The Antiviral cassette tape has been released on Disaster Records web page on 22 July 2021. Only a handful of copies are still available currently. The band was quite surprised since they haven’t released any new materials for 12 years.

Nevertheless, the EP is planned to be released on 7" vinyl format by Samstrong Records by the end of this year, with 3 more songs as bonus tracks.

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