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  • Jason Hesley

Explore The Mind Of A Psychopath With Brutta’s (Athemon, ex-Haken) “Devon”

Brutta is blackened death metal hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, and the UK. They are a new arrangement of three seasoned musicians including drummer Gledson Gonçalves; guitarist/vocalist Adriano Ribeiro (Athemon) and bassist Tom MacLean (Athemon, ex-Haken). Together they have but one mission, to bring the heaviest music they can muster and melt the faces off fans everywhere at live performances and on record. They are excited to be releasing their debut self-titled album this year to fully show the metal world what they are made of and what they can bring to the scene.

Brutta has a second single out now entitled “Devon” where the listener is transported inside the mind of a sociopathic individual who is locked up in the confines of Devon, a prison made for violent offenders. This prisoner can’t wait to escape to continue pursuing his victims.

The band explains further:

“Starting with a deliberate expression of the desire to kill, our character murmurs a creepy, evil, scary melody. Pleased by the voices in his head, a prisoner to his own sick mind, he unleashes the desire to hurt and provoke horror. The instrumental is filled with dark melodies causing a very obscure sentiment. With a very strong chorus, the song transforms into a memorable experience of assault and battery, as in the end, our prisoner seems to jailbreak.”

“Devon” is the seventh of eight tracks, each one more pummeling and unforgiving than the last. They span themes such as religion and disturbed individuals, all with blast beats, brutal gutturals, and death metal riffs. They take all of their influences and wind them together into something daring, mysterious, and unforgettable. They are recommended listening for those with an interest in Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, and Morbid Angel.

The album will be released on June 17th, 2022

Listen to the album teaser at

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