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  • Jason Hesley

EXILED HOPE Announces Upcoming Album "Apocrypha"

EXILED HOPE, the blackened power metal project of Sofia Frasz, will release her third album Apocrypha in mid-2024.

Sofia says about Apocrypha:"Though the upcoming album has its lighter and softer moments, its defining quality is a much deeper dive into doom and black metal. It has a more gothic, ethereal feel, since much of the album deals with the world that bridges the living and the dead."

Three singles have already been released to date on all streaming platforms and now her previous Bandcamp-only single "Altar of Moloch" is set for an October 31st release on Spotify, Youtube and all other digital services.

" 'Altar Of Moloch' represents a pivotal moment in both the story of 'Apocrypha' and the debut album, 'Exiled Hope.' It references the ending of the debut album when Hope is sacrificed so that the city's corrupt leaders can attain immortality by feeding off her life essence and that of others in the city. Up to this point in the story of Apocrypha, the protagonist has been tempted to embrace the same power that the now-fallen city leaders enjoy, without knowing about its true origins and the secret ritual sacrifices that now maintain it. "Altar Of Moloch" is the point in his journey where he finally discovers the true nature of that power and is horrified by what he is about to do. Demonic entities taunt him throughout the song and try to convince him that he would be weak if he rejected the immortality they offer."

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