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  • Jason Hesley

EXHUMED's new album 'To The Dead' is out now!

Exhumed are returning with a new album, To the Dead (out October 21st), and shared the gruesome video for lead single “Drained of Color.” The band has also announced a Fall 2022 US tour in support of the upcoming LP.

The extreme metal vets deliver six minutes of pummeling death metal with “Drained of Color,” combining chugging rhythms and breakdowns with grindcore vocals and frenzied blast beats. The band has always had an affinity for toeing the line between death metal and grindcore, and this track is another fine example.

Exhumed are also outspoken horror movie fans and get to star in their own gory video for the single. Cut between performance footage, the band members find themselves in a distant past, dressed in antiquated attire. The group revels in libations and games of chess until events take a dark turn when they’re poisoned by a mysterious concoction.

Exhumed will be hitting the road shortly after the album’s release with support from Hulder, Vitriol, Molder, and Castrator on select dates. The outing kicks off November 10th in Portland, Oregon, and runs through December 17th in Oakland, California. Tickets go on sale Thursday (September 1st) at 11 a.m. ET via Ticketmaster.

Pre-order To the Dead via Relapse.

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